Carl Segan

Carl J Segan – CEO

As the founder and CEO of Redwood Project, Carl is responsible for running all facets of the business. Carl has a proven track record and over 20 years of experience in management, supervision, and mentoring. Prior to forming the Redwood Project, Carl has owned a couple different businesses, which includes, civil design consulting and metal buildings product sales. Carl has been a project manager for more than 20 years, managing projects in excess of $30M million on multiple occasions. Carl has worked and lived in several different countries, where he designed and managed projects and people. Carl has over 22 years of experience with the military as a Combat Engineer. He has been deployed twice in his career while serving the United States of America. In 2004-2005 while deployed with the 1 st Cavalry Div. in Iraq, he was part of a team that oversaw the land management of $18 million and transitioned this land back to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. In 2008, Carl was deployed to Afghanistan, where he worked for USACE, managing more than $48 million U.S. government projects. On his civilian side, Carl was a Camp Engineer at the Palm Jumeirah project in Dubai, he was project manager for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and managed a project for the Department of State in Afghanistan.